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Presbytery Workgroups

Presbytery Central has a number of workgroups consisting of people with skills, talents and callings to a particular area of our ministry.
If you or someone you know has applicable skills and a calling to serve your presbytery in one of these areas, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Children and Families Ministry

The Children and Families Ministry Work Group enables functions within Presbytery Central associated with ministry to children and families, including

  • Leadership training;
  • Children and Families Ministry advocacy;
  • Networking & pastoral care of Childrens and Family Ministry Leaders
  • Promoting the vision of Kids Friendly
  • Running regional and Presbytery-wide events
  • Resourcing


The Finance Workgroup supports Council in ensuring the effective, efficient and ethical management of the financial assets of the Presbytery and the parishes which comprise it, with functions including

  • Developing a budgets and balance sheets.
  • Ensuring appropriate financial reporting.
  • Developing and maintaining financial reporting processes and systems.
  • Recommending presbytery levies.
  • Advising and supporting parishes in the management of their finances and assets.
  • Developing longer term plans to support the work of Presbytery and parishes.
  • Engaging in such audits and other investigations as may be required.


The Leadership Work Group undertakes functions within Presbytery Central associated with leadership, ministry and healthy congregations, including

  • Congregation reviews
  • Leadership development
  • Ministry candidates
  • Managing and filling vacancies
  • Processing complaints against ministers
  • Ensuring that Presbytery’s employment responsibilities to its staff are met


The Mission Work Group undertakes functions within Presbytery Central associated with mission, including

  • Oversight of and advocacy for Presbytery’s Strategic Commitments and mission plan;
  • Resourcing congregations and faith communities for mission;
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of mission initiatives within Presbytery;
  • Providing a missional perspective on applications regarding property and non-standard insurance arrangements received by Presbytery;
  • Coordinating reviews on the shape of mission and ministry within a local area or region;


The Property Work Group undertakes functions within Presbytery Central associated with church property and insurance thereof, including

  • Processing applications submitted by congregations regarding the sale, purchase, lease, exchange, alteration, major repair (including earthquake strengthening) or demolition of existing buildings, or the construction of new buildings;
  • Processing applications submitted by congregations, in conjunction with the above, regarding the borrowing of funds or making an application for Lotteries Commission funding;
  • Processing applications submitted by congregations regarding any non-standard property insurance arrangements;
  • The maintenance of church buildings within the Presbytery;
  • The management (including disposal) of any church buildings coming under the beneficial ownership of Presbytery;

Uniting Parishes

The Uniting Parishes Oversight Group undertakes functions within Presbytery Central associated with Uniting Parishes including

  • Liaising with partner churches and UCANZ
  • Undertaking discussions around property ratios and coordinating partners

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry Work Group undertakes certain functions within Presbytery Central associated with ministry to young people, including

  • Leadership training;
  • Consultancy services provided to congregations;
  • Youth advocacy;
  • Running regional and Presbytery-wide events;
  • Resource development


  • Central Gathering

    Central Gathering, a day of learning and fellowship for any Presbyterians in the region is on Saturday August 4th with a Ministers' Gathering on August 3rd at St Albans, Palmerston North! Find out more HERE

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