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The Available workshops are: 

  1. ‘Relationships’ led by Right Rev Fakaofo Kaio

A follow on session from the Moderator’s opening talk about the importance of relationships in the church and with our communities

Rt Rev Kaio is the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand

  1. Morning Session - ‘You’re Losing Us!’ led by Liz Eichler

If you knew that 50% of the people in your church would leave in the next 15 years, what would you do? This is an interactive workshop looking at strategies to help you do faith formation more effectively with children and young people. This workshop is for everyone because this is a serious problem and it will take all of us working together to fix it.

Liz is the Children and Families Worker for Scripture Union in Wellington, involved with schools, churches and camps.

Afternoon Session: ‘Engaging Ministry for under 5s and their families’ led by Amber Parry Strong

Amber is one of the Children's Ministry Enablers for Presbytery Central. She belongs to Island Bay Presbyterian Church with her family and volunteers in the playgroup and Sunday school along with dreaming up creative church projects!

  1. ‘Understanding Young People - The Power of stories’ led by Jasmin Vanderwerff and Rev Tim Duxfield

'What are the stories you tell yourself? How do they shape your life? How can the story of faith save young people in Aotearoa?

Jasmin is a Youth Enabler for Presbytery and a Youth Pastor in Marton. Tim was previously a youth pastor and is now the Anglican priest in Marton and still involved in youth work. Together they host the Youth Ministry In New Zealand Podcast.

  1. ‘Ethics, End of Life Care and Advance Care Planning’ led by Rev Dr Noel Tiano

We will discuss the importance of shared healthcare decision making and balancing the values of respect for autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence, distributive justice and fairness in improving care at the end of life.

Noel is a member of the Tawa Union Church, the InterChurch Bioethics Council and a community social worker at Mary Potter Hospice.

  1. ‘First Aid for Mental Health’ led by Dr Giles Bates and Ruth Cooley

We all know family, friends or church members who struggle with mental health challenges like depression, anxiety, addiction and thoughts of self-harm. How can we best care for and support such people and respond to their various behaviours, while keeping ourselves safe?

Giles is a paediatrician working in community mental health and Ruth is a nurse working in mental health and addictions services. Both are church members in Palmerston North.

  1. ‘Climate Change and the Care of Creation’ led by Rev John Howell

The first session will show a 75min film called Thin Ice. It shows the evidence from a NZ science point of view of climate changes and NZ scientists’ research. The second session will explore how we can respond theologically to some of the ethical issues raised. We will discuss a scenario of what a parish might do.

John retired in 2013 from ministering at St Paul’s Union Church in Taupo. He has a long interest in the environment and was a Member of the Environmental Council (advising the Minister for the Environment) and edited their book "Environment and Ethics - A New Zealand Contribution". He has led seminars on climate change in Taupo and Ngaio where he now lives.


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