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Presbytery Central Youth Ministry Team Update

For others it might be providing or pointing them towards great training in their area for their youth leaders or emerging leaders. It may be advocating for these leaders to help ensure they are being looked after by their parishes. In some regions it may be connecting up young people for regional services, Easter camps and social activities. For some areas our enablers may be taking on more of a mentoring role supporting the key leaders to grow in their capacity to lead.

We are also very passionate about helping you to enable your congregation to be involved with the young people in your parish and in your wider community. Youth ministry for many now is not a group of young adults leading a group of teenagers. It is much bigger than that. And to be really honest if it is just what I have discribed above then you are missing out. Young people need all ages in their world. So how can your parish help provide that. How can you have a parish where all ages walk alongside each other. Where discipleship is a key attribute in relationships. We recently had some grandparents join us at Easter Camp and what a joy this was! They journeyed alongside their young people through out camp. Praying with them, prancing them and crying with them. We would love to have more of this happening all around our Presbytery!

So let’s chat!

Our enablers are made of an experienced team of youth ministry leaders who all work part time in specific regions.

We have:

Jasmin Vanderwerff in Manawatu/Whanganui/Rangitikei

Jared Dixon in Taranaki

Nga Rolston is the Team Leader supporting our Regional Enablers.

Nga is also currently doing what she can to support those parishes in our Hawkes Bay/Gisborne region but we would love to employ somewhere based there. So please pray and look out for that Enabler!

Stay in touch with your enablers!

Let them know what is going on for you in your parish.


Youth Ministry Team






The WOF is now Online

PCANZ Childrens and Youth Leaders WOF Safety Warrant of Fitness is now online. Check out all the details here.


Helplines and local Mental Health Service

In this resource you will find a directory of helplines and local mental health service contact details. 

Mental Health Helplines and Contacts


Mental Health Resources

All free and will be posted out to your parish.

Free Resources



We have the best opportunities in our churches to support our young people and actually all ages with their mental health and wellbeing. Building up resiliency helps people face all kinds of life challenges. The more confidence you have the better chance you have to come through as positively as possible.  Research shows that the following factors, which are our bread and butter, can help people become more resilient: having a sense of belonging, a sense of value that's affirmed, a positive outlook and faith, and being are part of a mutually supportive community ( a support circle). I also learnt today that the more children learn, the more capable they feel, which of course makes sense but this is key for us to take note of as this is such an opportunity for us. As we have so many avenues to help teach our tamariki new skills. Give them opportunities to learn, to trial, to fail and to succeed in a safe environment, this in turn can help them navigate their way through this ever changing world.


Youth Resilience


Has some good activities that could be adapted for NZ youth groups - to build up resiliency skills

Save the Children Resilience skills manual for facilitators.




Love Prayer Cards in themes of Struggles

This resource has been designed by Jono Craig from EPIC and St Andrews Presbyterian Church, Waipukurau and is happy if you want to use it in your context.

One Sunday Prayer cards were handed out to parishioners, each card had a theme that a young person may be struggling with, things like; Brokeness, Suicide, Anxiety/Fear. They were asked to take them away and reflect on the struggles with the prompts on the card and then write a prayer for the young person struggling with that issue on the blank side of the card.
The cards were then returned to Jono who had them at a special night of prayer where young people could pick one up to encourage them in this time of struggle. The parishioners were also invited to the night of prayer that was hosted after the normal youth group time.

Such an awesome way to help enable to congregation to engage with young people in prayer. These moments help teach all involved so much about prayer. Let's all find opportunities to invite all of our church to prayer together for each other!

It was really cool to have youth and adults from our church praying together, encouraging for our youth that there are adults in our community who will come out at 9.30 at night to pray for them (shows they care). And encouraging for our church to see the next generation getting involved! - Jono

PDF of Prayer Cards

Resources are based from heartache for youth NZ, see more resources here including Prayer Stations

Pray for your Community

Created by Ben Tennent from St Barnabas Plimmerton Presbyterian Church.

Who's in your community? Ben has always had a huge heart for wanting to know the community around him better. Over 5 weeks earlier this year their parish have been actively getting out literally walking around their community and praying for it. Check out HERE the awesome resources he has created for his parish to engage in the walks.



Jasmin Vanderwerff


Easter Camp Director, Youth Enabler (Manawatu, Whanganui Regions), Key Contact.

Jasmin Vanderwerff
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027 353 5753




Jared Dixon


 Youth Enabler (Taranaki Region)

Jared Dixon
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022 329 8947



Nga Rolston


Youth Ministry Team Leader

Nga Rolston
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On Maternity Leave until August 2020.



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